Since Christian congregations come into being by the will of God, the work of operating a Christian congregation is God-pleasing. Many willing hands are required to keep the services of our congregation functioning strongly. We are looking for your time and talents even if you can only give 1 hour a month from canvasing, cleaning, making phone calls, etc! We are also looking for those that wish to serve the Church Council.

If you wish to volunteer, you may do so here

The following is a list of some of the opportunities for service within the congregation.

The executive body of the congregation comprised of the pastor, principal, the congregation chairman, secretary, treasurer, evangelism chairman, and the members of the boards of elders, trustees, education and stewardship. We are always looking for strong leaders to serve on boards. Please see Pastor or one of the elders if you wish to find out what positions are available!

A group of elected officers who are qualified by the scriptural specifications to assist in the spiritual oversight of the congregation along with the pastor.

A group of elected officers charged with the responsibility for supervision of property, financial disbursements and for legal contracts drawn up by the congregation.

A group of elected officers entrusted with the oversight, direction and promotion of all Christian educational agencies within the congregation. Since Trinity has the privilege and blessing of a Christian Elementary School, the Board of Education’s major responsibility is the Christian Day School.

A group of elected officers entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing and educating and promoting sound Biblical principals of Christian stewardship in respect to the individual member’s use of time, talents, money and other physical blessings in furthering the work of the Kingdom of God.

We have established an evangelism committee to aid us in the Lord’s work. The committee is composed of all who would like to be trained in the “how to” of presenting the Gospel on a “one to one” basis, as well as individuals who help with obtaining the names of new residents in our area; persons who do initial and follow-up mission prospect mailings; phone callers who help find the unchurched among the new residents through a short phone survey; persons who make “in-person” visits and also help us find the unchurched. One of the committee’s main purposes is to train people in the “how-to” of presenting the gospel on a one-to-one basis. The committee is always looking for volunteers to help out in events or doing canvasing work.

Trinity Lutheran Ladies Guild is composed of ladies of our congregation whose purpose it is to strengthen spiritual life and to foster fellowship while carrying out various projects in the interest of the church. Some of the projects include: visiting shut-ins, serving for funerals and hosting congregational dinners. They currently meet every other month.

The mixed choir has been privileged to sing praises to God regularly in divine services during the months of September through May. Special music is also prepared for Christmas and Easter. 

These are individuals who strive to speak with visitors before and after the services. Thus they help to complete the circle of a warm welcome and also express our desire that our visitors come to worship with us again.

The purpose of the usher is to assist in and to promote the worship of God. This includes: preparing for worship, maintaining order and decency, acting as host for God, doing the work of evangelism and promoting public relations.

Trinity Lutheran maintains a staff of volunteer teachers. Those who desire to teach are urged to express their interest to the Board of Education or pastor. An on-going course of teacher-training continues throughout the fall, winter and spring quarters each year.

The of group parents that assists the teachers in various school related activities. An on-going project is to provide hot lunch for the school pupils several days a week.

Although we currently have a part time secretary, this is a place where help is always need in regards to filing, paperwork, etc.